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A drummer since age 12, he has always been rhythmically inclined, and he pursues expertise in the booty clap and the skit-daddly shuffle. DownsquareZ takes a culinary approach to his music production. With a solid Kick-Snare starter, he adds lemon, chives, and a lump of psychedelic relish. Once this mixture has hardened, he combines it with his Square-Shaped Sub Bass, samples from his grandmother’s vinyl, and excerpts of viral youtube videos. All this is served with a side of Crunk Dopesauce, and is complimented by his very own apple fig gorgonzola parsnip glaze. Now this dance floor heater is ready to go in the oven! Simply heat, stir, peel, rotate and enjoy! He totes this concoction worldwide for exposure to every set of earbuds! Armed with Ableton Live, his KAOSS pad, an EMX-1, and his ability to make you laugh, DownsquareZ is sure to bring even the most musically prude person to eargasm.



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