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Brett Agler P.K.A “Jamburglar” grew up in Santa Cruz, California and now resides in Arcata while attending Humboldt State. Brett has been producing dubstep for the past two years under the alias of “Jamburglar.” Holding no boundaries, Jamburglar finds inspiration from Vocal Samples, Classic Video Games, and filthy bass lines.  Jamburglar first started listening to Electronic Music in 2007, finding influences from dubstep veterans Skream and Benga.  Originally a guitarist, Jamburglar molds his music with melody and beefed-up drums to create an original music experience for all listeners. Jamburglar has been featured on Thumpin thursdays on thawobbler.com and his collaboration with Labrat “Cascadia Subduction” is featured on Labrats debut EP, “Test Subject” on GruntWorthy.

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