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Travis Egner-Williams aka Labrat has been making music for close to ten years. This 22 year old producer, reppin’ Santa Cruz has been a part of many musical projects over the years. He played guitar in a Death Metal band called Crucifornication for 4 years, and produced rap beats under the name “7th Ave Mole Heshens”. Most recently he’s submerged himself into the world of EDM and Dubstep has guided Labrat into almost strictly electronic production in the past 3-4 years. This up and coming producer has crafted a very unique sound for himself that can best be described as melodically infused dance floor bangers. Labrat has been rockin’ dance floors around the Bay Area, for the past year with his face slaying bass. He was picked up by GruntWorthy Music in early 2011, and first release, “Test Subject” is solid fire that will surely take the world by storm.




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