Shine Boxx

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Much like the chocolate chip cookie Shine Boxx happened by accident. Former house dj And music producer Scott Wildman was kicking around new music ideas. Scott began his musical journey around 1991. Playing in bands and producing dance events in the Portland OR area helped Scott  plant the ideas that would not see light till years later.
Returning to the roots that helped him fall in love with music seemed to be the logical answer for Scott. Cutting through the bullshit and keeping true to what truly matters in music is Scott’s strong suit. A love for all kinds of music makes it easy to have a large pallet to paint on. Combining blues,funk,breakbeat,outlaw country and good old fashion rock and roll with large beats. Shine Boxx has it’s unique sound locked in tight. In a music scene dominated by bass and large productions. Shine Boxx proves a good ol jug band can rock a crowd when least expected. Grab a bottle of whiskey pick up a washboard and play along with Shine Boxx.



  1. Leslie Martinez says:

    I recieved your CD you left at the Tradewinds Bar in Cotati, Ca and would like to talk about booking Shine Boxx in May. I tried to select the Request Availability option on the website however it didnt seem to work with my computer. Please feel free to email me at the address listed above to schedule a date.
    Looking forward to hearing from you,
    Leslie Martinez

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