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(juke joint, decadance, skinny kitty tea house)

MALARKEY: Ma-lar-key: me-lar-ke’
1. irish slang: exaggerated or foolish talk, usually intended to deceive.
2. meaningless talk or nonsense


Diversity is king in a world filled with A.D.D, electronic hyperactivity and attention spans similar to that of goldfish… a concept that Malarkey knows all too well.  Fusing the wiggly feet of b boys, burners & beatniks is the one thing this guy has no trouble focusing on.  A multi-personality in the booth renders a playful gap between funky break beat for peak time discos… to silky downtempo for after hour smoke outs…. to globe trotting world beat for dusty bare feet.   A traditional style of mix and arrangement with the ability to gel various style, tempo & rhythm comes naturally shining a bright light on the delicate crowd control skill that most DJ’s neglect.

Hailing from Sebastopol CA (wine country north of SF), his 5 year weekly (jUkE jOiNt) club event has pioneered dance music in the local area having hosted some of the worlds most renowned electronic music producers, while weaving variety skits & burlesque soirées along the way.  This guy wheres the dusty hat of a certified dee jay, music venue talent buyer, audio engineering graduate, stage designer, festival producer, club promoter & a fine irish whiskey drinker.

gig history highlights:

Harmony Festival
Techno Tribal dance
Lighting in Bottle
Burning man
Sea Of Dreams
Les Claypools NYE Mad Hatters ball
Fabric London

- voted best DJ in Sonoma County 2011 by readers of Bohemian


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