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Mad Zach is the bi-product of a sinister lab experiment dealing with psychedelics and circuitry. The goal was to externalize the organization of the universe into a complex series of resonances in order to unlock dimensional portals and open minds.

Backed by both DJ Tech Tools and Amp Live of Zion-I, in his twisted laboratory, Mad Zach creates chemically synthesized microcosms of inter-gallactic alien secrets that cause ripples and folds in the space time continuum. The result is textural, spectral, and riddled with lobe cracking impulses and subharmonic body thwaps.

“A true artist, Mad Zach constantly pushes the envelope, then rips it up, invents a new mail system based on equal and opposite nuclear metaphysics and instantly transmits everything in existence to your pineal gland in a matter of microseconds. His highly anticipated live performances integrate an armada of custom built midi controllers and live hardware to deliver the purest frequencies to your brain. Prepare to be melted.”


Mad Zach Soundpacks

Mad Zach MIDI Fighter Demo


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